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Home Ritual Kit II

SuperLatte Flavor 1
SuperLatte Flavor 2

They say home is where the 🧡  is. In 2020, it's also where the office, gym, and school is, so making it a place you love is paramount. This kit is a curation of space-enhancing, mood-lifting goodies, designed to instantly bring comfort to a cozy nest. Gift to a friend who needs their spirits lifted, or to yourself—because you freakin' deserve it.

Hang up this beautiful print, string our everlasting garland above your desk or bed, and kick your feet up with a steaming SuperLatte. You got this!


  • 2 Clevr SuperLattes: Choose two favorites: Matcha, Chai, Coffee or Golden. Decadent, creamy, powered by nature's finest medicinals—you know the deal.
  • 1 Everlasting Strawflower Garland: Flowers grown and hand strung by our sisters at Sweet Mountain Top—a badass lady-powered flower farm on Rincon Mountain (yes, you read that right #dreamy). To say we are obsessed with these around our homes is an understatement. Hang above your bed, couch or desk for instant joy.
  • 1 12"x12"Print by Real Fun Wow: These beautiful prints are like eyecandy for the soul (soul candy?), and will light up your space. Art by the illustrious Daren Magee, round the coast and up the mountain from us in Ojai, CA.