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Sweet Dreams Bundle

This curated bundle is designed to support deep restorative sleep. Our award-winning Sleeptime SuperLatte is a caffeine-free nightcap infused with potent sleep-supporting botanicals that help quiet the mind, calm the body, and make it easier to fall — and stay — asleep. Paired with the cult-favorite Anti-Insomnia notebook from Therapy Notebooks and handmade P.F. Candle Co. soy candle, this is your evening antidote to sleepless nights.

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Sleeptime SuperLatte 14 Servings

Frother For Perfect Prep

‘Golden Coast’ Candle from P.F Candle Co

Anti-Insomnia Notebook from Therapy Notebooks

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30 days to try it and love it—if not, send it back.

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Gentle drowsiness & deeper sleep from our science-backed blend of herbs & amino acids (valerian, passionflower, hops & L-theanine). Melatonin free.

Stress support from powerful adaptogens Reishi & Ashwagandha

No morning grogginess unlike melatonin & OTC sleep aids

Designed to be effective immediately, and build benefits with consistent use

Blend 3 tbsp with 6oz hot water.

Make a mug up to 2 hrs before bedtime. Sip after dinner, or under the covers before dozing. Drink daily for maximum benefits.

Thoughtfully made in California with responsibly sourced ingredients.

For this SuperLatte, we’re honored to partner with a Madagascan cooperative growing Fair Trade, organic, whole ground vanilla bean.

Sweet Dreams Bundle

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Functional herbal latte, designed to upgrade your unwind.

Caffeine free | 90cal/serving

Taste: Comforting notes of malt caramel, vanilla, and deep roasted carob.

  • valerian


    gentle drowsiness

  • passionflower


    soothes anxiety

  • hops


    deep sleep

  • adaptogens


    stress reduction

  • l-theanine


    quiets the mind

  • oat and coconut


    vegan creamer

  • "A seriously cloud-like bev"

  • "A game-changer—it's what dreams are made of"

  • "Melts away the stress of the day"

    Michelle B
Your Ritual For Rest

Good sleep is the cornerstone of wellness—but we couldn’t find a product that addressed sleep from all we made one!

  • Sleep-inducing herbs, amino-acids & adaptogens
  • Quiets the mind & calms the body
  • No morning grogginess
Just add water

To make the perfect cup, add 3 tbsp to hot water, and froth. You'll have a fluffy, cloud-like nightcap in 10 seconds flat.

Shop Sweet Dreams Bundle Shop Sweet Dreams Bundle
  • Super Creamer Inside

  • No refined sugar or dairy

  • responsibly sourced 

  • 3rd party lab tested