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Vegan Spanish Latte

Vegan Spanish Latte

Creamy cinnamon orange delight.
August 12, 2022







This recipe adds an extra creamy sweet boost to your daily latte. Add cinnamon and orange for a zesty twist.


1 can coconut milk (only cream part, leave water behind)

1-2 tbsp coconut sugar


Orange zest

2 oz water

2 tbsp Coffee SuperLatte


To make your plant based sweet and condensed milk:
Scoop your coconut cream out of the can leaving the watery, clear liquid behind.
Whisk that with the coconut sugar and a bit of cinnamon in a pan over low heat.
Simmer until it's lost 1/2 it's water and is darker and creamier.
This takes about 30-40 minutes but can be made ahead and kept in fridge for an indulgent but also quick morning latte.
Add more cinnamon and orange zest to taste.

For the latte, combine the water, some of your sweet and condensed coconut milk, and the Coffee SuperLatte.
Froth or blend until rich and creamy in texture.
Add the Coffee SuperLatte and condensed milk slowly, balancing their flavors.
Finally top with frothed oat milk plus more cinnamon and orange zest if you so desire.