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Take your favorite coffee shop drink, add healing adaptogens, a sprinkle of probiotics and a creamy plant-based milk, and you’ve got a SuperLatte—a drink designed to make you feel amazing.

Our lattes are instant, aka adventure-ready—just add hot (or cold) water and stir, shake, blend or froth.

The properties of caffeine and adaptogens are totally synergistic. 
+ Caffeine gives us an immediate boost, whereas adaptogens build long term, sustainable energy.
+ Caffeine can make us anxious or jittery, whereas adaptogens like ashwagandha have an anti-anxiety effect.
+ Caffeine creates a cortisol release (that ‘I can take on the world’ feeling) but also taxes our adrenal system over time, whereas adaptogens nourish our adrenals to bring us back into balance.
+ Caffeine stimulates our central nervous system, whereas adaptogens are nervines— meaning they soothe and support our central nervous system. 

What does this all mean? A calmer, more grounded energy that doesn't deplete our bodies in the same way regular caffeine does.

Adaptogens are plants that help protect our bodies from the effects of stress—aka the root of most of our health issues. Be it emotional (actual stress), physical (over-exertion) or environmental (toxins/pollution) stress, adaptogens help us normalize when our systems get thrown off.

Adaptogens work with your unique biology, re-balancing you based on your body’s individual needs. They work specifically by supporting our adrenals—the glands that control our hormonal stress response.

Adaptogens are best taken regularly to take advantage of their cumulative effect.  It can take a couple of weeks to feel the benefits, so be patient and consistent!

We also recommend taking one day off from your adaptogen routine each week, and one week off every six weeks. This allows your body to re-set so you can feel the full effects of the herbs.

Nutrition facts can be found on each individual flavor page. Click on the 'Nutrition Facts' link at the bottom of the product description.

Rose Cocoa

Nope, there’s already coconut and oat milk in there! We wanted to make a latte that was truly portable—from the desk to the deep forest. All you need is hot water.

But if you’re feeling extra creamy, feel free to add a splash of your fave mylk.

Sugar contributes to jitters and crash. We don’t love the stevia aftertaste. We found monk fruit.

This natural alternative comes from a fruit—it’s part of the cucurbit + gourd family. It tastes almost identical to sugar, but it’s zero calories, zero glycemic index, and has no aftertaste.

Bottom line:
+ No Sugar (but tastes like sugar)
+ Zero Glycemic Index (no blood sugar spike)
+ Safe for Diabetics

We're surprised they didn't tell you before you asked.

Absolutely—all our products are 100% plant-based, and we’re proud of it.

Some do! Here’s a break-down based on our 8oz serving (For perspective, a 8oz drip coffee has around 80mg caffeine.)

Coffee - 55mg
Matcha - 50mg
Chai - 40mg
Rose Cocoa - 8mg
Golden - 0mg
Sleeptime - 0mg

None of our ingredients contain naturally occurring gluten, however our oat milk is not yet certified Gluten Free—we’re currently working hard on a gluten-free source. Although oats do not naturally contain gluten, non-GF oats may be grown side by side with wheat fields—so for those who are very gluten sensitive, they’re best avoided.

There’s 4 ways to get Clevr, they all take about 30seconds.

FROTH with hot water using a handheld milk-frother—our fave way to prepare!

STIR your blend with a couple ounces hot water, stir until smooth. Add the remaining water.

SHAKE with hot water in a thermos. Make sure the lid is on tight!

BLEND* on low for 10 seconds. Works hot or cold!

*Blending boiling hot water in a sealed vessel blender (i.e. Magic Bullet) may lead to unwanted latte explosions in the kitchen, so be sure to let water cool slightly before cranking it up.

That’s getting personal. We suggest a rounded scoop (included in the bag) to 8oz water, but it’s totally up to you—if you like your lattes strong, add a little more. For a more mellow flavor, add less.

Our lattes contain adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that, despite being used in many cultures for millennia, may or may not be safe for you while pregnant or breastfeeding—it depends on your body and your baby's body. There are currently no scientific studies that prove 100% safety, so we prefer to be cautious and advise to avoid adaptogens while pregnant or breastfeeding. Of course, we encourage you to also reach out to your health care provider, naturopath, or herbalist to get their feedback.

There currently isn’t enough research on adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms with children. It’s all dependent on what their body needs as well as age so to be cautious we advise that you reach out to their pediatrician, naturopath or herbalist to get their feedback.

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