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Co-Founders Hannah + Roger

Clevr Blends started out as pop-up coffee bar. Always on a mission to upgrade our drinks, we started experimenting with adding in adaptogens + superfoods to our coffee and tea. The effects were amazing—more focus, less afternoon crash, and a more stable, calm energy that was super productive.

People seemed to feel pretty great after their lattes.They'd ask: “how can I make this at home?” 
Our answer? We created a line of instant lattes with all the perks of our pop-up drinks (plant-based, probiotic, no added sugar) so that people could take the benefits home with them. 

Our mission? Clean energy, anywhere. We designed our drinks to be incredibly easy to make, no matter where you are. You can throw Clevr in your backpack, onto your desk or in your car. Make it before that afternoon meeting, on a red-eye flight, or watching sunrise from your tent. When you need feel-good fuel—we've got your back.

we’re committed to using plant-based ingredients that don’t cost the earth.