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we're Clevr.

We are a woman-led, mission driven wellness company. We think you deserve to feel amazing, no matter how crazy life gets.

It Began At The Bar

But not that kind of bar! Clevr actually started as a  funky pop up coffee bar. We traveled the California coast, mixing up adaptogenic lattes and mushrooms coffees out the back of a van. (It was awesome.)

Our drinks made people feel amazing—but were hard to re-create at home. (Unless you had 30mins + an at home apothecary. We didn't.) We needed an easier way to bring these magical elixirs to people's daily ritual—so we hit the kitchen!

We wanted 'instant', just not the rubbish part.

We set out on a mission: to create the most delicious, nutrition-rich instant latte on the planet. A latte that:

  • Gave us long lasting energy & focus
  • Was filled with magical plants to manage stress
  • Replicated that coffee-shop texture we loved
  • Actually  tasted good with just water—because when you're at your desk, having a crazy morning, are 50 miles in on a backpacking trip, that's all ya got.

Controlling, but the good kind.

After 1 year of formulation and meticulous ingredient sourcing later, our SuperLattes were born.

We source, blend, and package everything ourselves in sunny Santa Barbara, California. These late nights in the kitchen mean a) we drink a lot of our own product and b) we control every step of the process, ensuring it's done with integrity.

Dedicated to giving a shit.

We are passionate folks who give a care deeply about the impact we have on both people and planet. As we grow, we're dedicating to bringing our business further in line with our personal values.

Here's what we're already doing:

  • Each month, we donate a percentage of our revenue to organizations that are fighting for food justice in the USA.
  • We only source Organic or Non-GMO ingredients.
  • We prioritize working with smaller ingredient suppliers or those with more transparent supply chains.
  • Our shipping materials are 100% post consumer recycled, and 100% recyclable. 

Here's what we're working on:

  • Improving the sustainability of our packaging.

Meet our small,
yet exceptionally
rad team.

Meet our small,
yet exceptionally
rad team.