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Why Clevr makes the best latte out there

  1. They taste like a coffee shop latte

Our team spent over a year replicating the creaminess of a barista drink. We use a proprietary blend of oat milk & coconut cream that makes the perfect microfoam.

  2. They’re proven to help with energy, stress and sleep

    Each latte has a custom blend of adaptogens, mushrooms, amino acids & probiotics—these ingredients are backed by clinical trials to help improve focus, reduce stress & anxiety, and get deeper sleep.

  3. They’re loved by world famous taste-makers

Oprah, Dr Mark Hyman, and Meghan Markle have all expressed their love for these lattes. We think they’re pretty trustworthy.

  4. They’re faster easier, cheaper & healthier than hitting the coffee shop

    Just add water and $1.70 per /latte. Clean ingredients: no cane sugar, flavoring or seed oils you’ll find in normal lattes, plus short and long term benefits.

They’re obsessive about ingredient sourcing & ethics

We’re deeply committed to our ingredients—we use fair trade, organic, single origin and regenerative ingredients & donate a % of our revenue to food justice organizations.

  6. They have 7,000 5-star reviews & let you try risk free

People have fallen in love with Clevr—and you should too. If you don’t love our lattes, tell us and we’ll refund you.

  7. They have flavors and functions for everyone

We have six flavors, each with their own superpowers for different wellness concerns. Take the quiz to find your perfect daily ritual.