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Milk Frother for Perfect Latte Prep

This nifty milk frother is hands down our favorite way to prep Clevr! Why? Let us count the ways: 

  • No clean up—just rinse under running water after use.
  • Amazing texture—makes a smooth, creamy latte + perfect microfoam, every time.
  • Mixes fast—zero to latte in 10 seconds. 
  • Adventure ready—the perfect cup, wherever you are! Camping, road-trips, travel, or at your desk.

To prepare: add your Clevr latte blend and hot water to a mug. Froth for 10 seconds, or until latte is smooth. Sip and smile!

Prep Tips:

  • Make sure your cup is big enough so the latte has room to froth without spilling over! Around 1/2 full should be perfect.
  • If using a smaller cup, just froth with half your water, then add the remaining water.
  • For extra fancy prep: we sometimes like to froth our lattes in a barista jug, then pour into a mug. Totally unnecessary, but makes you feel posh.
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    Danielle C.
    United States United States

    It doesn’t work

    First few times I used it I loved it. I was trying to convince my husband mine was better than his. But basically as soon as it goes into any liquid it doesn’t work anymore. Most of the time when I push the button it doesn’t even turn on... once I left it by the sink after it wasn’t working and it randomly started going off from the times that I had hit the button trying to get it on. It’s sad. I use my husbands now.

    Claire Y.
    United States United States

    New, and nice taste

    Hi Hannah, and Roger, I don't have need for the frother, so I don't use it. I haven't tried the coffee or matcha tea yet, so I don't have a review for that. The chai tea tastes pretty good, and gives me energy throughout the day :) The packaging is also really pretty, so I'm giving the matcha tea as a gift to my matcha loving aunt. For improvement, I recommend adding an estimated time for handling the order before shipping. I was expecting my order to come in 2 days because I chose 2 day shipping. The customer service person was nice, and informative when I asked where my package was though, and cleared up my confusion. Thanks for making this company!

    Kara F.
    United States United States


    I’ve bought several milk frothers in the past and this one from you is hands down the best. So happy I got it with my last order!!

    Sarah M.
    United States United States

    Milk Frother

    The container is truthfully too bulky!

    kaija t.
    United States United States

    Good idea

    Hi! I love the idea of a milk frother and the stand and easy washing are great. I'm not sure it's really powerful enough to make a foam though. Also maybe it's the dairy free formula that keeps it from really getting some head. It is nice that it mixes the powder into the water quickly.

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