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New Years Affirmations

New Years Affirmations

New year doesn't have to mean New You.
January 03, 2022 by Hannah Mendoza

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The wellness industry has an unfortunate habit of making us feel like we're in need of fixing—especially right now, as millions of people attempt to reinvent themselves at the turn of a new year.

Of course, setting goals for self-improvement is not inherently problematic, but the predictable cycle of ambitious resolutions, failure to keep them, and resultant stress and shame that causes is.

Our take? Screw that. Your growth isn't linear, your progress isn’t predictable, and your worth isn't determined by how optimized you are. Clevr itself only exists to empower people to harness their own healing, fueled not by shame, but by the idea that we all have a right to feel at home in our bodies and minds.

So this year, we’re practicing radical self-acceptance: learning to love the imperfect, messy, unfiltered parts of who we are. To adore yourself for, not in spite of, your flaws, f*ck ups and failures. To affirm the crap out of yourself, because isn’t it about time we started to validate the resilience it took us to get this far?

Scroll down for downloadable, screen-shottable, shareable affirmations to remind you that you're already enough—just as you are.

We hope you'll feel called to join us, all perfectly imperfect pieces of you.

Hannah, CEO
I am deserving of rest
I am exactly who i need to be in this moment
I trust and embrace change
I open myself to joy and gratitude
I am resilient
Hannah Mendoza

Hannah Mendoza

Clevr's CEO, formulator, & functional food whiz kid.