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The Best Morning Drink Based on Your Weekend Personality

The Best Morning Drink Based on Your Weekend Personality

Move over Myers-Briggs — this is the real decoder.

September 24, 2021 by Archana Ram

Photo by @seeasara

Your career may shed some light on who you are, but it’s when you clock out and the weekend hits that your personality truly shines. Do you like high-energy activities? Prefer something low-key? Live to be a task list crusher? There’s no wrong answer, but taking a moment to think about how you love to spend your free time can say a lot about how to make the most of all the other days of the week, down to what you drink first thing in the morning.

Here are our SuperLatte pairings for five types of weekend warriors. Get ready to rise and thrive:

Weekend personality: Nature lover

Drink: Matcha

Your weekend uniform consists of hiking shoes, SPF, and a strong desire for adventure. You’ll need energy for those trails and water sports, but since you don’t want to dampen nature’s meditative vibe either, matcha offers the best balance. The green tea has a caffeinated boost plus the calm-inducing amino acid L-Theanine to keep you grounded. Matcha also has a naturally earthy flavor, so when you’re at your desk during the week, it’s an easy way to reconnect with that outdoorsy energy.

Weekend personality: Brunch enthusiast

Drink: Chai

Za’atar-spiced eggs? French toast drizzled in hazelnut-infused syrup? Brunch isn’t just a time to unwind, for you, it’s a time to appreciate culinary creativity. To get that spice-forward feeling any day of the week, chai blends organic ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper with a dash of Himalayan pink salt. It’s the best of brunch without waiting for a table.

Weekend personality: Errand accomplisher

Drink: Coffee

Picnics and bike rides are cool and all, but have you ever spent your weekend crushing your to-do list? You love the efficiency of getting it all done, and coffee is your liquid courage, boosting your central nervous system and dopamine levels so you’re motivated to get going. But we know a cuppa can sometimes lead to jitters and digestion issues. That’s why our Coffee SuperLatte has half the caffeine of regular dip coffee and is paired with a healthy fat like coconut milk to slow caffeine absorption. It’s energy for the long haul (and the grocery haul).

Weekend personality: Binger of books and/or Netflix

Drink: Golden

Name a more iconic duo than you and your couch. Together, you dive into murder mysteries, short stories, rom-coms, you name it. But it’s less about the content and more about the calm. And nothing is more soothing than zero-caffeine tea, especially if you lean jittery or anxious. Golden lattes have the added bonus of curcumin from turmeric to fight inflammation and keep you feeling your best.

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Archana Ram

Archana is an Ojai, California-based writer and editor obsessed with coffee, travel, and her golden retriever. She's written for Vogue, Afar, Prose, and more. When she's not writing, you can find Archana on the trails at golden hour.