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Roasted Hazelnut Matcha Latte

Roasted Hazelnut Matcha Latte

Tastes like a hug by a crackling fire.
December 01, 2022







Slow it down with this one to make homemade hazelnut milk (our mouths are watering already!) for a creamy, delicious, cozy, nostalgic, all-the-feels latte.


1-2 cups hazelnuts

Lots of water

2-3 tbsp Matcha SuperLatte


Spread out your hazelnuts on a sheet lined with parchment paper.

Roast in the oven at 325* for 20 minutes or until nicely golden and toasty.

Once your hazelnuts are cool, place them in a jar, pour water over them, and let them soak in the fridge overnight. It’s ok if they soak for a couple days.

Once they are soaked, rinse them thoroughly. Add them to a blender with 12 oz water and blend ‘em up!

Pour the blended hazelnuts into a bowl lined with cheesecloth and squeeze the milk through. (Or use a nut milk bag if you have one!)

Once your roasted hazelnut milk is strained, it’s ready to use in your latte.

Warm up 4oz of your hazelnut milk and froth 2-3 tbsp Matcha SuperLatte into it.

Sip by the fire (or heater) and enjoy!